carolynsclothes: how you feel about Kendall wearing a nath at coachella? I know a few girls who got offended, some of whom aren’t offended by girls wearing bindis, so I was wondering if you put the nath into a separate categories of sorts such as you mentioned with crosses versus rosaries?

Hmm this is kind of a hard question as maybe I’m not the most educated on the topic to answer it.  The nath is a traditional bridal piece, for hindu and some muslim weddings so there’s really two religions involved with the nath in india so it becomes more of a cultural thing rather than a religious thing.  I would say that it’s definitely not as religious of a symbol as a rosary, but more involved in a religious ceremony than a jeweled bindi so I can understand how some people would be offended by it.  However I wasn’t offended, as it is a jewelry piece and jewelry is meant to portray fashion and culture in that sense, and I think Kendall totally rocked it and looked great. I think it could be compared to native american turquoise pieces for example. From what I understand since kendall wore a silver nath, silver is much more likely to be a color at a muslim wedding or in very small parts of india where silver is cultural despite those areas being mostly hindu populated, most hindu weddings only do gold jewelry so it might be more offensive to someone in the muslim faith.  Overall I see these things more as an appreciation of a decorative cultural item than as appropriation in this case. Hope this helped a bit!   

official-weirdo: bindis?

I don’t understand if this is a question lol

If anyone would like to share their opinions on bindis with me please feel free to message me.  Hope I’m not offending anyone


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ireneinspired: While I think you are correct in your rant, that does not go for all people practicing the Hindu religion. Many girls at my school get angry when they see people wearing bindis when it's not windy (AYY rhymes) or stuff like that. Also many Catholics, like me, get angry when they see people wearing rosaries as accessories and not a holy object. Cross necklaces are different, because they are found everywhere, just like fishes, the moon and star symbol, etc. Just my two cents :)

yeah i’m with you not everyone share’s my opinion but I did want people to know that not everyone is offended by it. And yes I agree with rosaries as well to me that would be the equivalent of someone wearing the large red bindi which is actually used in religious practice.  However something that is just a cross is similar to the bejeweled bindis which even in india are meant as fashion statements.  And I personally wouldn’t wear a rosary or even anything with Jesus Christ or Mary on it.  To me that would be offensive.

Mini rant about the whole bindi controversy: As a person of indian origin I really don’t give a fuck if people want to wear bindi’s as a fashion statement.  They are not wearing the larger red ones that are meant solely for religious purposes, and even in india there are many people who wear bindi’s who are not practicing hindus and solely as a cultural fashion statement.  I have a shirt that has a giant cross on it, should I not be allowed to wear it because I’m not a Christian? I in no way support inappropriate use of cultural appropriation but I don’t think this is a case of that.


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lunar-mind: Hey! Im the girl who wrote on your IG pic you should eat less cake. I wrote that cuz I think fashion bloggers SHOULD be thin, not chubby. I am not myself thin and I dont blame you that you're not thin, I just think if you want to make something out of yourself, you should loose some weight. Ive been following you for ages,3 or 4 years,and girl,you were so pretty in the start,but now youve just got boring and predictable. And that wasnt very Chanel of you to follow me and then block me.


I’m going to make this public because I literally cannot believe people like this exist. 

  1. You think fashion bloggers should be thin? Tough, not gonna happen. Not everyone is thin, not everyone wants to be thin and not everyone is planning on meeting YOUR demands to make you more comfortable in your warped mind. I follow and people follow me than are thin, fat, short, tall, of all backgrounds and lifestyles and cultures. If you’re really THAT narrow, you should really eject yourself from the fashion blogging world and stick to catwalk shows, you’ll feel much more comfortable! Yay you!
  2. "I am not myself thin and I dont blame you that you’re not thin" Oh my god
  3. Make something out of myself? I’m working with brands, magazines, pr companies as well as running a blog which is growing every single month AND landing a job at my favourite store.
  4. You’re aware that my clothing size and weight has literally not changed since I was about thirteen? I’ve always been the size I am, which is a UK 8/10. If you’ve noticed any changes in my body, since you’ve been following me since I was what, fourteen? That may be something called puberty considering I’m bloody eighteen years old…
  5. If I’m SO predictable and boring, feel free to unfollow because it’ll mean the world knowing that if I have an audience which goes out of their way to taunt others about their weight on the internet and they’re moving on from associating themselves with me, I literally couldn’t be happier.
  6. I didn’t block you, so I don’t know where you’ve got that from. However, it’s “not very Chanel” of you to make comments that literally trigger people into life threatening illnesses. Be happy with yourself, stop caring about things which couldn’t concern you. Maybe have a piece of cake?